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                    Terms and Conditions

• 50% Down payment upon signing and confirmation of the contract

50% Full payment on the day of the event will be paid to the Manager on Duty 

20% of the contract price and Reservation fee (if applicable) will be forfieted once cancelled

50% of the contract price will be forfeited for any cancellation made seven (7) days before the event date

Php 15,000 Reservation fee is Non-Refundable. However, it will be deducted to your contract price once confirmed

Our company is not liable for any food provided by the client that may cause hazardous for human consumption.  The Said food will be placed in a separate table (dressed up) and will charge the client Php 200 per dish Corkage and Php 150 for the usage of Table.

All alcoholic beverages (i.e. Wine, Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka etc.) are subject to Php200 per bottle Corkage and Php 400 per case of beer/bottle of premium drinks exclusive of Ice. 

In case of unpredictable weather conditions (such as: typhoon, heavy rains, floods etc.), our company will not entertain sudden changes in our contract since we have already purchased all ingredients needed based on the packaged you have chosen. Otherwise you will be charged accordingly

Overtime fee of Php 75.00 per hour for all catering personnel on duty (i.e. Waiters, Driver, Manager-on-Duty etc.) in excess of contracted time and Php 75.00 per waiter per level if the function area/building has no service elevator

For out of town event, transportation fee will be charged accordingly

Any losses, breakages, gate entrance fee, parking fee & caterers bond at the venue will be charged to our client

• Cashbond can be refunded 3-5 working days after the event

Client should pay the amount stated in the contact (50% down payment) One (1) Month after the Reservation (if applicable)

Surcharge of Php 5,000 for Rebooking / Change of event date Seven (7) days prior to the original event date

Customer has the option of keeping any extra food remaining after the initial cater service is over. The client is responsible for providing own food storage containers. Osios Catering is no longer responsible for leftovers after the initial 3-hour service nor any consequences due to its later consumption.

All non-food support items brought in by the caterer such as table napkin, Floral Arrangements, Backdrop Décor, Styling Materials, plates, glass, utensils, Wax, etc remain the property of Osios Catering. Customer does not have the right of claiming such items.

Clients have the right to do inventory of the equipments brought in by Osios Catering. While in the premises of the cater venue, customer has the right to search through the caterers equipment and waiters personal items. Clients forfeits this right after the caterer has departed.

Clients will be charged for loss or damage of the caterer's equipment not due to handling by the food service personnel.

• Only the clients and its Authorized representative will be allowed to discuss the details of the event

Final Guest Count, not subject to reduction, is due Seven (7) days prior to your event date(s). If you need to increase your guest count, within Seven (7) days of your event date, we will make every effort to accommodate your request.  Additional fees and charges MAY apply.

• In the occasion that the number of guest exceeds what is expected, Osio’s Catering usually makes a 10% allowance from the agreed number of guest to be served which will be charged accordingly to the client (Per Head Rate).  

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  • "Love the site's theme--gives the impression of how warm, thoughtful, professional & intricate the team is in their line of work. Cant wait to experience an event catered by Osio..."
    Katz David
    PAL FA
  • "very creative ang set-up! kudos mga osio!"
    Cielo Holgado
  • "To osio's catering and its staff... Kudos to all of you for a job well done again as always!!!... U always make me so so proud... Grabe tlga kyo... And i can see that osio's cat..."
    Coy Santos

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